DJI Flame Wheel 330 (F330) – buy online

DJI Flame Wheel 330 (F330)

Multirotor flying platform for entertaining and amateur ap

Flame Wheel ARF KIT Features

  • Ultrastrength Material
  • Integrated PCB Wiring
  • Huge Assembly Space
  • Attractive Frame Arms
  • A Total Solution For Hobbyists

Ultrastrength Material

Frame Arms adopt PA66+30GF ultrastrength material design, providing better crashworthiness.

Integrated PCB Wiring

The use of high strength compound PCB frame board, makes wiring of ESCs and battery safer and easier.

Huge Assembly Space

Optimized frame design, which provides abundant assembly space for autopilot systems.

Attractive Frame Arms

Provide different color frame arms: red, white, black, which makes your flight more colorful.

A Total Solution For Hobbyists

The DT7 RC system works perfectly with DJI flight control systems requiring only a single D-Bus cable, and provides two switches and a gimbal pitch control slider. Combined with a Naza-M flight control system, Flame Wheel series flight platform and an H3-2D gimbal, it creates the best total solution for hobbyists.


Model Flame Wheel 330 (F330)

Frame Weight 156g

Diagonal Wheelbase 330mm

Takeoff Weight 600g ~ 1200g

Recommended Propeller 8 × 4.5in

Recommended Battery 3S~4S LiPo

Recommended Motor 22 × 12mm (Stator size)

Recommended ESC 15A OPTO

Price 0 USD

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