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Beam Piracy / Covert Mast Dual Mode Antenna

The BEAM Iridium Covert Antenna has been specifically designed for the maritime market to help against Pirates boarding a vessel and destroying all communication antenna’s to restrict any crew from communication with the outside world.

The BEAM Covert Antenna, is the only antenna designed not to look anything like an antenna, thusdisguising it with the normal non-communication equipment you would expect to see on a vessel.  The Covert Antenna can be used with any of the BEAM Iridium docking units or fixed maritime units.

The hidden Iridium antenna, is a passive dual mode GPS/ Iridium antenna that supports all the BEAM Iridium passive cable kits.

BEAM has complete Piracy solutions including everything you need to help the crew communicate with the outside world, in the event they are boarded by Pirates.

Dual mode GPS / Iridium antenna, for Piracy / Covert Maritime Solutions
Covert outer case to camouflage the antenna. Based on RST702 antenna inside

Price 954 USD

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