Undrafted Redskins receivers get assistance from Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan is aware of the fact that he won’t become the starting quarterback in the Washington Redskins, although he’s still playing a significant role in training camp.

Well, as Colt McCoy and Alex Smith leave the field having trained at the Bon Secours Training Center, one can see that the McLean, Va., native get additional throws in with undrafted novice receivers.

In Richmond, Hogan is obliged to have the new receivers of his group prepared for the reps with the first and second team, providing them with as many opportunities as he can just to show why they require making the 53-man roster.

Hogan highly praised the newbies for their willingness to perform better and learn new things. Sure, they can count on his feedback on the way to professionalism.

In their meetings, the wide outs and quarterbacks watch videos from practices, discussing moments where the rookies want the ball.

Hogan actively shares stories of the NFL tweaks every college player needs to make to get to the next level.