Redskins’ Robert Davis will miss the whole season

Robert Davis, wide receiver of the Washington Redskins is going to miss the whole season. It can be explained by the serious right leg trauma of the player. He sustained it on Saturday. That’s what Jay Gruden, the team’s coach told journalists on Sunday.

The player is going to have surgery. Moreover, the sportsman will be sidelined 9-12 months because the rehab process needs approximately this time. That’s as Gruden revealed.  According to some sources, the player had his tibia broken. Additionally, many of his knee ligaments were injured.

On Saturday, the player aged 23 was injured. It took place when during a seven-on-seven drill the sportsman went up for a pass. Robert eventually collided with defenders. The player didn’t manage to get up by himself. As a result, the player was carted off.

By the way, the wide receiver turned out to be one of the three players of the team to get injured for the last time.