Redskins’ Josh Doctson will get back soon

Josh Doctson’s recent injury took place when the player landed badly in the end zone on the shoulder at Washington Redskins training camp, with cornerback Josh Norman falling on him.

The player left the game for an unknown period. However, later Ian Rapoport, NFL insider revealed that the player had an insignificant AC joint separation, and therefore he wouldn’t be absent for a long time.

Meanwhile, echoing Rapoport’s statement Jay Gruden illustrated the Doctson’s trauma as a bruised shoulder and told that in general, the player was fine.

Being a fast-paced sport, football often endangers players who collide with each other on a regular basis. Even with special pads put on, they’re prone to get injured from time to time. There’s nothing surprising in this fact considering so much contact and very fast movements. In this regard, Doctson’s trauma is quite typical and can’t keep him inactive for long. To be exact, the player is expected to get back to the game already this weekend.