Redskins guys react to Derrius Guice’s season-ending trauma

Up to six carriers in the preseason debut – that’s what the Washington Redskins’ fresh running back named Derrius Guice obtained prior to coming across a bitter knee trauma.

Just a day after the Washington Redskins didn’t manage to withstand the New England Patriots, losing with the score 26-17, Derrius Guice’s initial diagnosis showed up. It turned out to be an MCL sprain. However, new details arose later when the injured player underwent an MRI. According to that medical test, the player had his ACL in the left knee torn. As a result of that trauma,  Derrius Guice is expected to have the whole 2018 NFL season missed.

There’s no doubt for the Washington Redskins it’s a 100% gut-wrenching blow, as they’re eager to dodge the plague of injury bugs, which decimated the squad the previous year.

As news of the player’s injury leaked to social media, the team’s players responded with frustration and sadness.