Redskins 53-man roster forecast

Undoubtedly, reducing a 90-man roster to 53 can’t be an easy thing. General Managers are often heavily criticized each time they decide to fire players. What’s more, to avert criticism they often leave veterans, losing a chance to acquire skilled rookies.

This season the team will face a series of tough decisions having to do their 53-man roster. They have more depth across the board compared to what they’ve faced in years. Therefore, the cut-down process is expected to be more painful than ever before. According to some sources, one skilled player, appreciated by fans will be most probably fired.

Assuming that traumas won’t take their toll once again, the team should have a robust final roster. They will have many worthy nominees to make the squad. The Redskins will have a good chance to retain some promising, young sportsmen with the aim of developing on both the active roster as well as the practice squad.