Practice observation: Redskins outperform Jets

After two days of practices, it becomes clear that the New York Jets are inferior to the Washington Redskins.

It has been 100% shown in 1-on-1 work and also during full-team scrimmages. Currently, it doesn’t mean the Washington Redskins are going to enjoy a better season. However, the on-the-field comparison gives us an opportunity to estimate where both squads in their building process are.

For the second and first units, the work out concluded with a scrimmage. Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold, Jet offenses failed to gain enough traction against the opposing defenses.

In these join workouts, Alex Smith managed to take an impressive number of snaps. The Washington Redskins consider it to be an awesome chance for the player to better prepare for the opener, simultaneously staying in the controlled environment.

By the way, Maurice Harris, the receiver had a phenomenal camp, coming up with highlight catches on a daily basis.