Paul Richardson Jr. feels like a newbie starting his Redskins career

Paul Richardson Jr. has enjoyed more than enough great moments in his sports career in his fifth season with the National Football League. In the Seattle Seahawks, he had an opportunity to play for one of the most impressive franchises of the league of the last decade. This season, in search of a new identity, the player contributes a winning impulse to an offense, just like the rest of Redskins’ receiving cornerstone. The player has enough room to polish his skills.

Paul has spent a great deal of his training camp cooperating with fresh quarterback Alex Smith and exploring head coach Jay Gruden’s system. The player is undergoing his first transition period since Seattle had him drafted in 2014.

The player told that he doesn’t feel pressured at all, but feels like a newbie. He told that he’s confident that other guys will show what they can do for the game, as they’re filled with a sincere desire to perform.