NFL updates its rulebook for kickoff changes

The NFL has recently updated its rulebook for this year for the purpose of accounting for a number of late changes in its fresh kickoff regulation. That’s what a league representative officially told.

Apparently, none of the latest tweaks are going to make a radical difference in the overall essence of the rule initially worked out to tame high-speed encounters via alignment shifts, making the kickoff resemble a punt. By the way, teams obtained the modified rule without delay in the training camp. Well, it clearly points to the urgency of the initiative. The league didn’t come up with the update until the first week of May.

As follows from the update disclosed 10 days ago, participants of the kicking team aren’t allowed to utilize their hands and block against an adversary if he’s at or 5 yards beyond the receiving squad’s restraining line before the ball hits the ground.

There were some uncertain and controversial nuances in the original version of the rulebook that the referees expected to be as clear as possible. As Dave Toub, Kansas City Chiefs special team coordinator who took part in creating the rule revealed to reporters that recent tweaks arose just to respond to officials’ questions.