NFL sportsmen protest during American national anthem

A number of NFL sportsmen who dared to protest during the American national anthem before pre-season matches have been mocked by US leader.

Colin Kaepernick, former 49ers quarterback turned out to be the first player to protest back in 2016 and some sportsmen raised their fists, while others kneeled during three matches on Thursday.

The league is on the verge of having those players fined for anthem protests. However, the organization has recently told that this move is on hold.

Trump wrote on Twitter that those sportsmen should have found another way to demonstrate their opposing views. He added that they should have stood proudly for their country’s anthem and for the refusal to do so their wages need to be frozen. Trump added they were very foolish at trying to show their “courage.”

Donald Trump also told that fans pay big money for the show not to observe foolish protests instead of a good game.