NFL makes cheerleading insulting to females.

For a long time the National Football League has been treating its female cheerleaders as nothing but a titillating toy. Many human rights activists are assured that the league needs to radically reform its cheerleading to make it less insulting to females or completely stop this discriminative practice.

By the way, Miss America has finally given up its long-lasting practice of marching females onstage in swimsuits, and the league is expected to do the similar thing.

Frankly speaking, a beauty-pageant swimsuit contest is quite modest against the backdrop of how cheerleading is carried out in the NFL. Aside from putting the sexy young ladies on the sidelines in bikini-sized outfits, professional football teams make them excitingly twerk and shake in rather an unambiguous erotic way that has nothing to do with conventional cheerleading.  It’s undoubtedly demeaning to females. That’s a pure outrageous anachronism used to be beneath the male football fans as a titillating eye candy.

As one of the worst examples, human rights activists point to the Washington Redskins’ cheerleading squad required to march topless solely for male fans at a photo-shoot.