NFL: it was just a bad ball

The National Football League is assured that a federal case or investigation isn’t required this time. It’s because the very reason was a defective ball utilized in a preseason match on Thursday.

On Friday, the league told that during the third quarter of the Steelers-Eagles match a ball was taken out from the match in Philadelphia. The defective ball is going to be delivered to the producer Wilson for examination.

There was a buzz about an underinflated ball online right after the preseason opener exactly when a reporter wrote on Twitter that he noticed a ball that looked quite deflated after it was thrown by Mason Rudolph, a Pittsburgh newbie.

It immediately recalled “Deflategate.” It was the scandal provoked when New England Patriots player Tom Brady utilized underinflated balls during the 2015 AFC championship match. The player was instantly suspended up to four matches in 2016 for the sportsman’s role in a case, which ended up in a federal appeals court.