Most players and coaches dislike Jets vs. Redskins clash

During the first day of the join workouts between the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets, a series of fierce fights set the overall tone of training camp.

Vernon Davis, veteran Redskins told that such skirmishes are quite expected. He added that the Redskins are unable to control what their opponents are actually doing. The Jets are expected to occupy the same wavelength each they’re to go out and have a lot of practice. However, when they do the opposite somebody from his team has to respond sooner or later not to let it go out of control.

The vast majority of coaches and players were irritated by the fact that those clashes overshadowed the whole benefits the joint workouts. Initially, both squads had hoped to observe and assess action against each other outside of matches.

Chris Thompson, Washington running back told that it’s so sad that so many players don’t put a lot of value on such joint practices because they nearly always generate fierce and unnecessary fights.