Mitchell Trubisky heavily criticizes Bears’ offense

Having seen his first preseason action in the new system of Matt Nagy, Mitchell Trubisky was totally dissatisfied with what he had seen there. As a result, he bombarded his team with bitter words.

The second-year Chicago Bears QB told that the team’s standards weren’t met. He’s assured that for that first preseason match there’s no excuse. Mitchell told that they had several experienced folks from 2017, so any jitters shouldn’t have been. He explains mediocre outcomes by the guys’ excitement. The quarterback is assured that all they need is practice, a lot of practice. Mitchell told that notwithstanding they worked hard on their butts off, they were sloppy enough on the field.

The quarterback added that they’re not who they are, so urgent measures need to be taken to change the situation for the better.

The player added they should have been more aggressive on the field to end up impressing their faithful fans.