Minnesota Vikings don’t need Richie Incognito

Despite Richie Incognito’s recent claim, the Minnesota Vikings don’t actually require his assistance in strengthening their offense. On Tuesday, Mike Zimmer, the team’s coach told that they didn’t even attempt to reach out to him with the aim of having him signed. The coach told that the team isn’t interested in the ex-Buffalo Bills guard at all.

In response, the player labeled Zimmer as a “liar” on Tweeter. However, on Tuesday he showed up on Twitter again to excuse for that post.

In April, after twelve seasons in the league, the player suddenly uncovered his intention to retire. Just six weeks later, the Buffalo Bills had the player released from the retired/reserved list, thus making the player 100% to proceed with his sports career.

By the way, earlier Richie found himself in a mental hospital. He was placed there following a spate of anger at a gym, South Florida. The player was throwing weights as well as other things at people training there, claiming the US authorities were closely watching him.