Junior Redskins are ready to fight

Stuffed with learners from Philadelphia elementary and Loudoun middle schools, the Junior Redskins football team has officially started a fresh campaign.

However, the squad is currently facing a number of hardships. One of them is the bitter loss of Semy Turner, their key running back. They came up with high hopes at the dawn of the season, but Semy Turner injured during the first match ruined their plans. So, they’re currently in the process of spotting a proper substitute for Semy, while proceeding with their exercises.

To make things worse half of their veterans are hurt, and the team respectively hopes that some of the most promising folks out there will confidently step up to fill those nasty gaps.

Keaton Harig, the quarterback will be replaced by Aaden Montooth, who was absent the whole year due to a foot injury. The team will also have another fresh guy – Braden Fray. He’s a newcomer and the team hopes he will perform well. Other fresh players include Hunter Deland and Issac Chavez as key running backs.