Josh Doctson’s heel has been drained

Josh Doctson got injured going down badly on the left shoulder on Wednesday. To make things worse Josh Norman, cornerback fell on the wideout close ot the goal line. Undoubtedly, it was an alarming  situation, but upbeat news showed up.

After a while Doctson posted on Tweeter that he was well, and Jay Gruden, Washington head coach told that the injured wideout Doctson would be capable of going for Saturday’s practice, although he would certainly miss Thursday’s session.

By the way, earlier this week another incident took place. Doctson’s heel was drained. There’s nothing special in this procedure. That’s a common practice for professional athletes when they have a knee issue.

Before camp bust out, MRI on the sportsman’s Achilles showed that everything was ok. However, a bit later a shoulder injury showed up.

By the way, in 2016 he had already faced Achilles issues, and in 2017 the wideout ended up with a nagging hamstring injury.