Jalen Ramsey and Danter Fowler are suspended by Jaguars

On Sunday, defensive end Danter Fowler and standout cornerback Jalen Ramsey were suspended by the Jacksonville Jaguars for one week. The reason was the violation of the team’s rules as well as misconduct.

Both the players are going to have a Saturday preseason match versus the Minnesota Vikings missed.

As follows from multiple reports, Danter Fowler followed defensive end Yannick Ngakoeue

According to multiple reports, at the conclusion of practice, Fowler went after defensive end Yannick Ngakoue because other teammates tried to interfere. Jalen noticed that local media members were shooting videos of the quarrel with their smartphones and he addressed brutal words to them.

By the way, for two seasons Jalen Ramsey has up to six interceptions with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Thhheee previous season four passes were picked off. As for Danter Fowler, he boasts 12 sacks for two NFL seasons.