International Combine is set by NFL in Australia

The Oceanic region and Australia, in particular, are closely watched by the NFL, as the league seriously intends to find new promising sportsmen there.

In October, the National Football League is on the verge of launching the first International NFL Combine. What’s more, the event is expected to start a slew of regional and satellite combines. They are going to be held in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and Australia.

A final showcase where nominees will have an opportunity to have their skills tested in front of NFL representatives will take place on October 5 and 6 in the Gold Coast.

The NFL International Combine will act as a fresh channel for athletes of any code across the Oceanic region. It will open a door to the future with the NFL.

The NFL International Combine turns out to be an invitational scouting showcase, organized to spot and assess potential NFL talent. Nominees will take part in numerous skill-based, agility, strength, and speed tests.

Anyone in a good physical shape aged 21-25 and willing to play in the NFL is free to register to try his hand in tests.