Giants defensive players’ attitude to NFL’s fresh helmet rule

Alec Ogletree has nothing against the fresh rule, recently introduced by the NFL. The rule generated an ongoing buzz about how the game would look like. The new regulation actually punishes folks for leading to any part of the body with their helmets. Alec realizes the very purpose behind it and he’s assured that it could drastically diminish concussions as well as head injuries.

Damon Harrison, Big Blue defensive tackle doesn’t expect the fresh regulation to radically change the way he’s used to playing. Damon tries not to utilize his head, so he’s assured that it can potentially minimize the number of head injuries. However, it could provoke more lower-body injuries due to the fact participants will stay away from hitting high.

In addition to this Damon told that the new rule will heavily affect defensive players. From his point of view, defensive backs are going to face the biggest challenge because they hunt for passes in the air.