‘Fat Rob’ slims down before the pivotal third season

Rob Kelley, also known as “Fat Rob” no longer justifies his nickname he was granted for eating too much. He suddenly lost his weight. Not so long ago, at the end of the senior year, the sportsman’s weight accounted for 249 pounds. However, when he was signed by Washington as an undrafted free agent back in 2016, he weighed no more than 228. Now he has reported another weight loss.

On Thursday, in this interview, he told that he’s getting faster because of another weight loss to 221 pounds.  However, he denied that “Fat Rob” is no longer his nickname. He added that he’s just eager to resume playing and if some folks still associate him with this image it’s just their point of view.

The previous season, Kelley had to handle a number of injuries. Nevertheless, he managed to start all seven plays and 62 carriers he totaled up to 194 yards, coming up with three touchdowns. In November, when playing with Minnesota he had his medial collateral ligament sprained in his knee. Moreover, he had his already sprained ankle aggravated, thus missing the rest of the season.

Currently, the sportsman is healthy, boasting a new look.