Electronic Arts erroneously removes Colin Kaepernick from Madden

Electronic Arts told that it did certainly wrong by omitting the name of Colin Kaepernick from the soundtrack of their fresh video game on Thursday.

The video-game developer was heavily criticized when a Twitter user had suddenly found out that the player’s name got excluded from YG’s audio track “Big Bank employed in the soundtrack for the latest product dubbed “Madden NFL 19.”

The video-game developer acknowledged that it made a terrible mistake in their soundtrack. The company promised to fix that nasty glitch with its next patch to Madden NFL 19 expected to show up on August 6. The reference name will be restored for sure.  Electronic Arts stressed that it wasn’t an act of disrespect. The company would like to extend its deep apologies to Beg Sean, the NFL, YG, and Colin for what happened to the soundtrack.

By the way, previously during the 2016 season, Kaepernick knelt during the country’s anthem, thus deprecating social inequality.