Derwin James confirms the incident with robbers in Los Angeles

Derwin James, Chargers’ safety revealed to journalists that he was suddenly attacked by robbers who deprived him of some of his possessions at gunpoint. As he told, it occurred two months ago in Hollywood when he was departing from a restaurant.

Against the backdrop of an official investigation, Chargers are staying away from any comments on the subject.

Fortunately, the robbers did no harm to the player, although he’s still shocked by what took place. He told that he’s happy to have survived the robbery, and now he can get back to the game.

The crime took place on June 23 in Los Angeles. The player along with his uncle was strolling to his Rolls-Royce, and suddenly two armed robbers took a chain from his neck and grasped his Rolex watch. The player made an attempt to chase them in his car, but he failed due to the fact that three of the car’s tires were punctured.

Derwin is frustrated that it occurred after his first camp, but he’s happy he can proceed with the game.