Andrew Sendejo’s black hat talks to NFL

Andrew Sendejo, the Minnesota safety is sending an exclusive message to the NFL by playing on a popular political motto.

During training camp, he put on a backward black hat featuring a provocative slogan “Make football violent again.” As he told, the hat was presented to him by an ex-Vikings teammate. The player appreciates the gift and considers it to be a clear message.

In spite of the fact, Andrew told he has been wearing this stuff for a while, the hat is already sending a powerful message to the sports world. The message actually has to do with an extremely controversial rule recently rolled out by the NFL to ensure enhanced safety in the game.

According to the new regulation, players aren’t permitted to initiate contacts or lead with the helmets on tackles. The new rule generated up to three penalty calls in the match between the Bears and Ravens on Thursday. Eventually, because of the new regulation defensive backs have to make split-second decisions or hesitate, which can bring fatal consequences.