2018 Se7ens Cup is hosted by Jacksonville Jaguars

As Jacksonville Jaguars have already uncovered, they are going to a 7v7 flag football contest. They will do it for the third consecutive year. The winner can count on tickets to Superbowl LIII.

Being the only NFL squad committed to playing every year in Great Britain, they’re coming up with the greatest trophy in Britain’s American football. Those who manage to grasp the Jaguars Se7ens Cup will be granted an opportunity to have their bags packed for an all-expenses-paid voyage to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

The 2018 Jaguars Se7ens Cup is expected to be launched in London. The Southern Regional heats will burst out on September, 1. As for the Northern Regional heats, they are going to start on September 15, Manchester.

The victors of every regional divisional are going to be trained by a Jaguars alumni sportsman ahead of the final match in the North vs. South Se7ens Championship at Allianz Park anticipated to take place in October.